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About Me

Dani Johnson RN, BSN, MSN
Health Coach

I graduated from University of Wyoming in 2013 with my BSN a little unsure, but so excited to dive into the world of healthcare. I landed my dream job at Children's Hospital Colorado in Denver, CO on a surgical specialty unit. In 2015, I had to opportunity to start travel nursing--so I packed my bags and moved to Dallas, TX for the adventure of a lifetime! I did travel nursing in pediatrics for 4 years all over the US working in a wide variety of units, and met some incredible people. 

A couple years into travel nursing, I knew I wanted to further my education, and I knew I had a passion for teaching and working with new nurses. I applied, was accepted, and started my Master's Degree in nursing leadership with an emphasis in education, all online so I was able to keep traveling. Working full time and going to school while moving every 3-6 months is not for the faint of heart, but in December 2019 I graduated with my MSN! I had just moved to a small mountain town in Colorado and switched to outpatient urgent care/primary care nursing which was a huge shift. A supervisor position opened, and I took the opportunity to apply and see what happened. I got the position and started as nursing supervisor over 6 outpatient specialty clinics-allergy, ENT, ortho joint, ortho sport, pain, and psych clinics. 

This leads to now. Through my nursing career, I have worked with so many different types of people, and in so many different environments. The one common thread I see is this--we are such good caretakers for others, but struggle to focus on self. We have normalized the martyr syndrome: where we're so busy at work that we can't take care of ourselves. But what does this look like to the outside world? A team of "healthcare" providers that aren't healthy? I've made it my passion and mission in life to change the narrative. To normalize self care. To advocate for breaks. To inspire others to stick to their health goals no matter what. To be the best version of ourselves and to live our dream life, because life is just too short to do anything else. 

I have done so much work on myself the last year. December 1st, 2019 I made a choice to walk the walk as a healthcare provider. I've lost 30 pounds, gained so much physical and mental strength, and have advocated for myself at work to have true balance in a busy job. I am now coaching others in this journey to balanced and healthy living. We are developing tools for a healthy lifestyle, and creating resilience together. I'd love to have you join this community; let's normalize #healthcareselfcare!